Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Meet My Bead Soup Blog Party Partner

For those of you who have not had the pleasure, I would like to introduce you to Hannah Trost.
Hannah is a wife to Sam, a Mother, A College Instructor, a Teacher at Michael stores and owner/designer of PZ Designs,  I don't know where she finds the energy.
Yes I was a private detective first class once I found out who my pardner was. I went to her blog, her face book, her Facebook Jewelry page and her Etsy.   Lol.   I loved, luv this piece of Jewelry from the first time I saw it posted in a group and did not realize it was Hannah, my partner that created it:
Hannah works with many mediums one being wire.

 I also like this bead work piece that I found in her Etsy store
I too like to do a little bead work
 Its amazing that we like some of the same mediums.

Isn't this an Amazing piece by Hannah.  Well, I put together some soups and its always so hard to choose one. I ordered some things and didn't realize it was being shipped from outside the states and take forever.  I didn't want to be late so I mailed what I had. Lucky girl will get 2 shipments. In my haste I forgot to take pictures pre packaging. but never fear, Hannah will take some pictures (I Hope).  I sent Hannah these
Isn't this Gorgeous, lol
Ooooooo pretty, rofl
Well now that you have seen it all, I hope your excited.  There is nothing nothing like receiving gifts. I can hardly wait to begin.  Bead Soup Blog Parties are so special, so exciting and you get to meet sweet and Artistic people like Hannah.
Well these little bundles of deliciousness are headed your way Hannah. 

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  1. Wow! What sweet little bags, and thanks for that introduction! I'm sorry to say my packaging was not that grand, but hopefully what's inside will be enjoyed!