Saturday, June 1, 2013


WELCOME to the History Blog Hop Reveal sponsored by Leah Curtis.  Thank you Leah for letting me partake.  The Challenge was to pick a period in History and design a piece.  I chose the Romantic Period 1837 to 1860. It was during this time that Gold was discovered and the social climates began to change.  Women began wearing more Jewelry than men, and lots of it. The Renaissance theme inspired Jewelry to suddenly have motifs from Flowers, branches, grapes and berries featured prominently in pieces. Jewelry from the early part of these years was completely handmade. Prior to 1854 Hallmarking at that time had only two standards. 18 and 22 karat.  Hallmarking ie. .925, 18k are the stampings on Jewelry used to protect the consumer. After 1854,  9k, 12k and 15k were legalized. I have never seen any of these.  My pieces are not Gold but Brass from . Her RGP Brass which as you may or may not know is 18k Russian Gold Plate and is beautiful. (shameful plug)
At the time Ladies fashion called for their hair to be parted down the middle and pinned up, therefor hiding the ears.  So earrings had to be long or big to compete and be seen. Of course mine are vintage inspired but mismatched pair. The second pair you can even wear two ways.

The Necklace of course had to be painted, they enameled, bejeweled and Presented.  Brass, Quartz and Pearls.
Thank you so much for taking this journey with me. Please visit the other participants You will not be  disappointed

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