Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2014 Things Can Only Get Better

Oh my where did the time go. This is my first post for the year what have I been doing. Trying to get my Mojo back. I lost five staff members between October and December of 2013. And I didn't think so at the time but it took a little toll on me. For 2014 I am going to TRY to concentrate on getting my blog game on at least bi-weekly. I don't like to blog I never know what to write. I was asked by a co-worker to create a Necklace from a piece of quartz she received as a gift.

I wire wrapped the quartz with silver wire.  For the neck chain I was going to wire wrap pearls and smaller quartz gems.  I had forgotten that the holes in the pearls were so tiney and could only accomodate my string. For 2014 I will need to learn smaller gauges of wire. So I strung my Neck chain instead.

I think the Necklace came out pretty well and Lisa my Co-worker loves it and wears it often.
Thanks for the visit, as Paula Deen would say "ya'll come back now"