Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blogger Non-Blogger Kuala Lumpar Reveal

Once again my friend Dini Bruinsma is Hostess for the Blogger Non Blogger Challenge. Dini has chosen a photo taken in her travels to Kuala Lumpur. Before this Challenge I had never heard of Kuala Lumpar. I now know that it is the capital of Malaysia and the most populous city in Malaysia. I enjoy these challenges for the inspiration they give but also for the challenge.  I find myself amongst Artist who have been creative for years and feel blessed to know them. In these challenges I feel like they give you room to grow, to learn and take your creativity too areas you may not have known about nor knew you had the ability to accomplish.
I always approach a Photo challenge looking for color as inspiration.  Here I pulled out brown, which in itself is always a challenge for me as I like bright and pastels. After completing my Necklace my son has told me, "no mom that's bronze not brown.  See, everything is left up too interpretation and the eye of the beholder.  Now I can't wait to see how the other participants have interpreted the color.  Lol.  Secondly orange, and in my stash I had some orange Jasper beads.(Recently acquired from the Gem show) Yellow quartz and yellow Swarovski crystals. I see a Sliver of Green reflection (Agate) and Silver White Lights (Pearls).  I found this Lovely coin Focal that I thought represented a lot of this photo so well.
Every bead or Gem I used received special treatment.  I didn't want any of the little darlings to feel left out. They were either capped, wrapped or caged and attached to a Link chain that I also hand made myself thanks to the illustrious reading and learning from Lori Anderson.


Every Necklace should have accessories like earrings or Bracelet or both. Lol, I'm just sayin,

Earrings are caged beads and bracelet is embelished head pins made of Jasper, Agate,seed beads, Pearls and Swarovski Crystals. The chain at the back of the Necklace was forged by joining single and double jump rings together making link chain.  Thank you so much for stopping by and taking this Journey with me.


  1. Hi Gloria! I'm also in this challenge - choosing the photos right now. I'm an amateur and I feel honoured to be part of 7th BSBP and Bead Soup Cafe. You've made gorgeous pieces. The colours you choose are so in line with Dini's photo. I especially love the wire work you've made in the necklace - I'm far behind to have achived that expertise. Happy creations!

    1. thanks for visiting my blog. Like you I am still learning and keep entering these challenges to learn more skills. I started last August and happy to say lol I think I am getting better at,Ive seen your creations and you are Fab.

  2. Very pretty Gloria and I love the colors and they idea of making a complementing earring and bracelet.

  3. How lovely to read about what you made Gloria :-) They look lovely!
    Jewellery always becomes that much more special when there is a story to read about it too!

  4. Love the set Gloria,loving the necklace focal and dangles? (tassel) and your earrings are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your work and process.

  5. Cute. These could be a wonderful collection, I love that you have shared this to us. Me and my Phoenix Social Media team would love to have these to our collections. Appreciate it. Have a nice day!

  6. Dear Gloria,

    I really ♥love♥ to see, the results of your inspiration! You did make great jewellery... Every piece has something special. Thanks for being my Internet Friend!

    Dini @ http://angazabychanges.blogspot.nl

  7. I love the beads you choose, they go perfectly with the photo. The necklace is my super sweet favorite but the earrings and bracelet are very nice as well!

  8. Gorgeous work, Gloria! You did a great job with the color scheme! This looked like a fun challenge.