Monday, January 7, 2013

Gray Days Of Winter

I know some will be upset ... But I need to be revived. I know somewhere in the world someone is feeling the same.  While I was thrown into the midst of the Holiday frantic shopping watching people buying gifts they couldn't afford for people they felt obligated to buy for,I asked myself why?  Where is the Luv! people? I began to feel depressed, aggravated and couldn't shake the feeling. I couldn't keep my mind on the good things that happened all year just the bad stuff. Taxes went up on the Mortgage.   I Tore my Miniscus, don't know how, After Surgery and 16 weeks of physical therapy, I'm still asking why?  Don't get me wrong, I am grateful I can walk again.  Somehow that's not the thought that stays on my mind.Why?  I have lost three of my Staff members due to retirement.  Do you know how hard it is to find people with Switchboard experience (can't spell today) more less, three of them.  Then they have to be trained. Oh my God the exhaustion that follows.Some people can't be trained so I am stuck 3 months later still looking....Why? I degress.... Then there is me and my Gray Hair.
At what age can and do women stop dyeing those Gray Hairs. I noticed Gray roots all around my face.  I refuse to dye my hair. Take me as I am.  How long am I gonna feel like this? My mother is 74 and only has a few Grays at her ear temple.  So unfair I must be destined to be like my dad.  He was gray in his 20's.
I have three pieces of Jewelry due this week for three challenges. (of course I didn't realize it). Furliz Navidad, Memories, and Year Of Jewelry Project all due on the 12th,
YOJP inspiration Word is Grace. To me Grace is calm, clear and not Fussy. Let me Present Grace Bracelet:

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  1. Hi Sweet Gloria, it seems to me that stress begets [ fun word huh? LOL] stress, depressions begets depression and it just spirals. You don't seem to complain...ever...!!! so give yourself a brief moment to rant, rave, stomp your feet, etc... then wipe it out!!! You seem to me to be a very strong women and a happy one! Let the happy back in. Get back to being who you are!!! Strong, Wonderful, Intelligent, Resourceful, HAPPY, Caring, Compassionate and Really Really Sweet!!! Prayers on their way to you for peace,and comfort!!!