Monday, November 26, 2012

Berries and Leaves November Challenge

Atrisan Whimsey is having a Berries and Leaves Challenge.  Although I am not yet published, the Aries in me likes the challenge. It makes me think, it makes me create using techniques maybe never tried.  I saw this challenge and thought, oh yeah,I have those leaf beads I purchased from Michaels on a whim, and up to now no way to use. Now,  what for berries, and what to hang them on?  Well I have some green wire purchased at Beadfest and for the life of me can't remember the gauge.  What to do, what to do. Hmmm.  Oh I have that thing a majig, lets play.  So I cut lengths of wire and twisted it on the Jig.  I then took the spiral twisted twists and twisted those.  I had a pretty piece of Green Agate, love Agate. That became the focal with a Leaf and glass Berries.  I strung my componets together and "Oh my"  Gorgeous. Love it.  Does everyone once in awhile just create a piece that comes out better than you could have imagend.  I present to you "Berries and Leaves Necklace"


  1. Wow! Great chain maille. I'm envious. I simply don't have the patience for chain maille! Beautiful piece!

  2. Been reading your blogs. Great work! This piece is fabulous! I'm just starting to learn chain maille. Been wanting to for a long time & it is harder than it looks or else I'm all thumbs at the moment. Anyway, love this!